March 4, 2013

see for yourself #melillomonday …. send requests to @davecandoit

January 15, 2013

#melillomonday in its syndicated version … catch it next monday 8-9pm EST @

January 9, 2013

rerun of #melillomonday. tune in @ every monday 8-9pm EST 

December 13, 2012

this week’s rerun of #melillomonday … better late than never

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December 3, 2012

sorry for the technical difficulties tonight. hopefully this is listenable :x #melillmonday 8-9pm EST

November 28, 2012

if you missed this week’s episode of #melillomonday you suck but i got your back.

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November 19, 2012

if you missed tonight’s broadcast here it is you slacker #melillomonday @ 8-9pm EST every Monday

November 5, 2012

in case you missed tonight’s broadcast here it is in its regurgitated form #melillomonday

October 23, 2012

in case you missed last night’s #melillomonday here it be. enjoy, share & prosper

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October 9, 2012

if you missed #melillomonday here are the leftovers. preheat oven to 350, insert and enjoy.

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